Natural hair
Growing up, my mom would never let me use relaxer on my hair. I pressured hair to give into the relaxer thing after growing my natural hair for about two years when I was in high school.

 The first time I relaxed my hair, I experienced scalp burn, eventually the wounds healed. I loved my new texture, I loved to see my silky hair down my shoulders and I could easily style and go. My hair was about 10 inches long then. I remember measuring it when everyone kept telling me “your hair is long”. But for over 3 years it remained at the same length, looked lifeless and unhealthy.
I didn’t know why until I bumped into @hairducation

After reading her story, I started researching and learning, experimenting and implementing healthy haircare practices. And Up till now, I’m still learning to understand my hair.
 I finally dumped the creamy crack (relaxers) two years ago. I was tired of seeing limp lifeless hair, my hair was discoloured, relaxer burns would not let me be great. At first it wasn’t a decision to go natural, after using up my last tub of relaxer I didn’t want to buy a new one. At that time I wasn’t even taking proper care of my hair. Six months, eight months and then one year I realized I had so much new growth. I chopped of the relaxed ends and today,I’m two years post last relaxer touch up, one year since big chop with about 10 inches long hair. I may not have the best length retention but I’m glad my hair is healthy.

Natural hair grows.


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