Birthday Diaries

Queen Nessy
Laugh like you don’t care


Ya’ll know Queens are born in August right? See no body should even try to argue cos I won’t let you win.. lol

I attended classes the way I would normally, although it was a special day to me but I’m not one to worry so much about things I didn’t have, I always have faith that everything would fall in place.   Even if I knew I wasn’t going to celebrate, I knew I had to do something ‘pamper my tresses’! I washed, deep conditioned and dried my hair in twists the night before. Next morning, I sealed my almost dry hair with coconut oil and put it up in a bun (I don’t know how to style my hair) *covers face*


At school, my partners in crime engineered me into wearing makeup. Didn’t know they had other plans.

And then a birthday cake, birthday songs and birthday wishes. I couldn’t help but cry. Don’t worry I didn’t cry alone, my crying assistant helped me.. She knows herself, don’t beat me biko.. Lol! I literally spoilt the makeup with my tears. Those tears weren’t signs of weakness or sadness but of immense happiness and joy. I cried because I’ve never celebrated my birthday with cakes and all that, and the first time it happened, it was even a surprise! So tell me why I shouldn’t cry.

DSC_1103 copyDSC_1111 copyDSC_1099 copyDSC_1105 copy

I just want to to say a big thank you to Ewy, KD, Doral, Debby, Dwelling, Alice and Rose (even if you weren’t around). I hold those kind gestures close to my heart. They’re memories I wouldn’t forget in a hurry. Perhaps that’s why I was keen on documenting it. Thank you so much my beauties, you’re loved.

And more pictures…..

IMG_20170809_172653DSC_1038 copyDSC_1012 cpyDSC_1042 copyDSC_1055 copy


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