1 + 4 years
5 + 55 courses

2 + 8 semesters

1 school

1 Department

And now, I’m a graduate!!

I ran a pre-degree program for 1 year before I gained admission into the department of Biochemistry, University of Portharcourt.

And to be frank, I didn’t like the course but like some of my mates, I accepted the admission because I didn’t want to stay at home perhaps that’s why I just couldn’t give it my all. 3 years into it and I’m like ‘well you’re here now, you’ve got to do this’ It took me that long to accept reality.

Final exams

Project defense

Studying biochemistry has been fun, probably because of the kind of people I surrounded myself with; KD the grammarian, Ewere the professor, Doral the comedienne Debbie the caregiver, Rose the troublemaker, Alice the friend from a distance. I won’t even forget to mention Lisa the beauty queen and Glory the gossip mate. You’ve all been amazing and I’m grateful to God for bringing you my way.

But in all I want to give thanks to God for guiding me every step of the way.

I’ve learnt so many life values, I’ve become more confident in myself, I’ve evolved. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve learnt my lessons. There are some things I wish I had done differently and others I wouldn’t change even in the world to come.

All I want to do now is get into the favour market, slay my goals and make mama proud.


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