Dry air, dust on the tables and chairs, dry skin, chapped lips, flaky skin are all consequences of the harmattan period. The air is usually cold and dry especially in the mornings so double up on your blankets.

If you’re a Nigerian, then the harmattan troubles aren’t new to you especially if you’re one with dry skin. So how do we deal with dryness during the harmattan? Simple! Top up on moisture.

I have oily skin so I barely feel any form of dryness. To totally combat any form of dryness, here’s what I do.

For my hair

  • I use the LOC (liquid, oil and cream) method of moisturising. I spray a little quantity of water on my hair, apply my hair oil and seal with a heavy butter such as shea butter. This helps to keep my hair soft and manageable.
  • Since I suck at styling my hair, I always put my hair up in a puff and sometimes in a bun. Even though it still gets dry, it wouldn’t be as bad as when I don’t moisturise.
  • At night I cover my hair with a scarf to help retain moisture.

For my skin

I use the body butter I made here. It’s a blend of Shea butter, olive, coconut and essential oils.

After bathing I don’t dry my body completely, I apply the body butter on a damp skin. The trick here is to retain as much moisture as possible.

Most importantly, I’ve increased my water intake. I don’t count how many glasses but I just drink as much as I can even though that equals frequent bathroom visits.

Looking and feeling beautiful comes from the inside, if you want a well moisturised skin, then moisturise it from the inside. So baby drink up!

Till I spill again.

With love,



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