Sisi oko was my neighbor in church today. I can’t even remember when she sat beside me, the ushers asked me to adjust my seat so they could add an extra seat, I obliged. I however remained seated at the end of the row, I don’t know why I don’t like seating between people well, I guess I just love to mind my business.

Sisi oko did not attend Sunday school, she walked in during the worship session. When it was time to sing hymns, madam Sisi hurriedly picked up my melodies of praise from my seat. (I didn’t know she was a busy body), I had no option but to share with her.

Thirty minutes later, Sisi oko started complaining to her friend on the other side “oohh you see why I no like this your church? If na for my own, we for don close by now”. Her friend replied “no be now you just dey come? you for go own church nah”. Sisi oko sighed and remained silent.

Then it was time for praises, the Sisi oko who kept sighing during prayer sessions brightened up all thanks to the wonderful instrumentalists and song leaders. She removed her shoes oh, rushed to the front where her dance partners were and started displaying all the styles she knew. You could tell that this madam was in the club on Friday night. When the songs ended, she was one of those who screamed Noooo!!!

Ehen! I forgot to tell you that Sisi oko had body odour!! Her make up was on fire o, she wore bold dark blue lipstick but nahhh, I had to turn away whenever she walked in or out.

Just when the choir was about to minister after which the sermon would be preached Sisi oko picked up her bag and walked out of the church. I was like really?? But I was relieved though, I could breath in some fresh air.

Don’t ask me how I observed all these things oh, she was the one distracting me.

Are you one of those persons who go to church to dance? Tell the truth, No lies.


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  1. liifeai says:

    Me dance in church!!!!!!!
    The fact that I’m that shy to even move jejely from side to side is a miracle from God.

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    1. Vanessa says:

      I’m shy too so I hardly ever move my body. Thanks for stopping by Liifeai.


      1. liifeai says:

        So we’re definitely in this together! But my new year resolution is to go all club like with my dance steps in church ! And you’re welcome 😘

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Vanessa says:

          Hahahaha.. Oh yeah..


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